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5 Steps to get involved

Five things you can do to be more involved 

There are many things to know and do. You can start here:

1. Keep track of your medications

Make a list of all your medications.
Ask your pharmacy to print a list for you.

2. Know your health needs and history

  • Ask your health team for copies of your records; keep a journal
  • Learn about health conditions

3. Find a health care home (a doctor, nurse, or clinic) 

It's best to have a regular health team: a doctor or nurse, a community health center, or an urgent care.
They can help you with your health needs. 


4. Work with your providers: share information, ask questions

Take your list of medications and health history when you have an appointment.
Before you go to a medical appointment, write down questions you want to ask.

5. Plan ahead 

Don't wait for a crisis.  

Check out each of the 5 steps; there is more information for each one.
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