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Reliable Information

How do you find reliable information?

The Internet is a valuable tool when you need information. However, some websites are more reliable than others. Take a few minutes to read these tips:

Quick tips:
  • Visit a hospital in your area. Many hospitals have a health library.
  • Talk to your doctor or nurse. Ask questions.
  • Seek out community organizations for specific conditions. They have information and support.
  • Go to the library. Librarians are experts at finding information.
  • Use the Internet effectively. Use the links below to learn how to select websites.

More links: Finding and evaluating health information

Evaluating Health Information, from Medline Plus
Tips on choosing websites for health information.

Medline Plus Guide to Health Web Surfing

Patient 101: How to find reliable health information
An easy-to-read pamphlet from the Joint Commission.

Health Information on the Web: Finding reliable information
From the American Academy of Family Physicians.

A User's Guide to finding and evaluating health information
Guidelines for evaluating websites, plus links to good sites, from the Medical Library Association.

Last updated: December 2012
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